MrFriday Simple Web Hammer

To launch the Web Hammer with Java Web Start, click here.


The MrFriday Simple Web Hammer is a very simple tool to stress test web sites. It is aimed at providing a method for load testing your web applications from multiple client computers easily (screenshot).

The other Webhammer

I discovered that here is another program called Webhammer which basically does the same thing. We are not affiliated in any way. I should have seen this earlier. If I make a new release of my program, I will come up with a new name as well. Suggestions are welcome.


In the Resource URL field, type in the URL of the resource file containing the web addresses you wish to run the hammer on. The file should be a text (iso-8859-1) file with one URL per line, delimited with CR or CRLF. Click "Fetch!" to instruct the program to retreive the file. If everything works out okay, all URLs from the file should be listed in the table underneath. Next, determine the number of threads (number of concurrent connections) and iterations (number of cycles through the URL list for each thread) you wish to run. When finished, click the "Start" button to start the test. The program will update the table with test data as it progresses, and will run until each thread has executed the specified number of iterations, or you press "Stop". The table will indicate the URLs currently being processed with a blue-shaded colour. A "failed" request is defined as a request where an unspecified I/O error occurred, or the web server returned an HTTP status code other than 200 (OK).


This program will only work on Microsoft Windows if launched using the provided Java Web Start link. You will need a Java Runtime Environment of version 1.4 or higher, which includes Java Web Start. It may also work on Linux/GTK2 systems.


This software is copyright (c) 2004, Rasmus Sten. There are no warranties. Web Hammer includes the Standard Widget Toolkit by the Eclipse Foundation, licensed under the Common Public License.

Rasmus Sten
Last modified: Sun Nov 07 22:05:00 W. Europe Standard Time 2004
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